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Water Softener Installation

Water softener installation can provide a number of benefits.

One of the primary benefits is that it can improve the quality of the water in your home. Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can cause a number of problems, such as making the water taste unpleasant, staining fixtures and appliances, and reducing the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. A water softener works by removing these minerals from the water, making it softer and more pleasant to use.

Another benefit of water softener installation is that it can help to protect the plumbing in your home. Hard water can cause a build-up of scale in pipes, which can reduce the flow of water and eventually lead to clogs and leaks. By removing the minerals that cause this build-up, a water softener can help to prevent these problems and keep your plumbing in good working order.

Additionally, water softener installation can save you money in the long run. Because the water will be softer and more effective, you may find that you need to use less soap and detergent when washing dishes and clothes. This can reduce your household cleaning costs. Furthermore, by protecting your plumbing from the damaging effects of hard water, a water softener can help to prevent costly repairs and replacements down the road. Overall, water softener installation can provide a number of benefits, including improving the quality of the water in your home, protecting your plumbing, and saving you money.

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Isaac with Premium Rooter Plumbing Service did an assessment of our low water pressure issue. He was able to quickly determine the cause of the issue and showed us what needed to be replaced. He was able to install the new part with no problems! Plus he was able to answer a lot of my husband’s questions. Isaac was very professional, courteous and patient. I strongly recommend Premium Rooter Plumbing Service and the technician, Isaac, to resolve your plumbing needs!

Bridget J.

The guys at Premium Rooter Plumbing Service are awesome! The owner Jerome, himself did work for us in the past. Jerome's pricing and quality of service was very professional. We know there are other plumbers out there, but we refuse to use anyone else as he has done work for us on residential and commercial properties. No job is too small or too big!

Enrique H.

We just found out that our overflow to our outside sink was on a vacant lot next door. The new builder for the lot required that it be moved onto our property. Jerome was outstanding! He moved the line and the cost was a lot less because of his knowledge. One contractor told us that it would be a major project cutting down into the foundation. Jerome the, Master Plumber, found a way that took only one day and saved us a big expense. When you hire a professional, you get the very best work.

Carolin H.

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